Tommy's movie mini‑reviews

I write these to remind me of what I did or didn't like about movies in case I want to watch them again.

When I say "right stuff", I'm referring to style (of writing, directing, and cinematography) rather than to the subject matter. My sensibilities are idiosyncratic and in some aspects hard to articulate—but I can say that I go for understatement and attention to detail. And I don't care for extensive narration; as the maxim says, show, don't tell.

I only started this page in 2009, so lots of movies I've seen aren't listed.

Star ratings à la Netflix: 1=atrocious, 2=lousy, 3=decent, 4=good, 5=outstanding. 4+ means I'm likely to want to see it again (except documentaries, which I tend not to re-watch).